With the company SIKA we were able to win one of the world's most competent material suppliers for our unique process. From now on, proven SikaBiresin® products will be used. CUBES thus has a variety of PU model casting resins that cover a wide range of applications with bulk densities from 0.60 to 1.85 g/cm³.

The decisive factor for the cooperation was our "GoGreen" idea of ​​pouring it sustainably into a digitally adjustable, reusable form.

Upon request from Sika, we were able to find out from the responsible store manager, Mr. Andreas Müller, that the CUBES process fits in very well with Sika's sustainability goals. He sees it as a technically and ecologically sensible addition to the high-quality SikaBiresin® products. “The timely implementation of the construction to the model component convinced me in comparison to conventional mass casting in foam models. With CUBES we have found an innovative and technically very experienced partner ”, explains Mr. Müller.


GoGreen has now also arrived in model and mold making

Sustainability and the associated CO2 savings have meanwhile also become an important topic in model and mold making. For this reason, the styrofoam casting, which is currently still widespread, will not be permanent. With every styrofoam casting, a logistical effort is made to transport and manufacture the styrofoam mold. In addition, the lost styrofoam mold is laboriously disposed of after casting. The technique of gluing the panels (block-up) is time-consuming, causes storage costs, produces unnecessary waste and hides quality problems at the joints.

With the CUBES technology, liquid PU material is simply poured into a digitally adjustable, reusable, two-sided mold (3 x 2 x 1.5m). Our adjustable molding tool will be in use for 20 years without wearing parts. We also do not use release films for the casting. This process (rapid casting) is not only fast and sustainable, but also helps to save up to 40% of PU material (compared to block-up technology), as it can be cut out on the back.

SikaBiresin Block Casting Resins