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A CO2 environmental study prepared by Martin Hettegger (Montan University Leoben) impressively shows that our CUBES process, with CO2 emissions of approx. 0.178 kg CO2 per litre of material, is by far more environmentally friendly than conventional PU production processes. With a CO2 production of 1.208 kg CO2 per litre of material, polystyrene casting is 7 times more environmentally harmful than the CUBES process. The panel gluing process with approx. 0.419 kg CO2 per litre of material also causes 2.5 times more CO2 emissions than our CUBES technology.

Beside saving material and milling time, we also significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of your company. 

Detailed information on the CO2 study can be found here.

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